GUUDBELLY is a two-man operation, owned and founded by L & Vic Arroyo in August 2015.

For a very long time we’ve both worked incredibly hard and unhappily for companies that didn’t reflect our beliefs and/or have our best interests in mind. The idea of beginning our own company became the obvious answer once we realized it was the only way we could be happy doing what WE love most and still provide for our family: Delicious handmade plant-based food made from the best quality ingredients for EVERYONE.


In July 2015 we decided it was time to put our ideas into action. We began testing tamale recipes and gave batch after batch of 6 dozen tamales away to friends and colleagues. About 3-4 weeks after, a friend of our requested tamales in exchange for payment, and suddenly our business was born. After searching the World Wide Web for "GUUDBELLY", and finding nothing at all, we chose our name in mid-August. Soon after we obtained our DBA, launched social media, and started cooking out of the SInfull Bakery commercial kitchen in Midtown Houston. We began our grass-roots marketing campaign by giving away goodie bags to local social media moguls such as Vegan Houston, Sinfull Bakery, and Kristen Lajeunesse of Will Travel for Vegan Food in exchange for a bit of spotlight. The response to us was immediate and non-stop: we were on our feet 7 days a week doing deliveries. Soon after, we were accepted to be vendors at Urban Harvest City Hall Farmer’s Market Downtown on Wednesdays from 11a-1:30p starting on October 21st, 2015! As of today you can find us at 2 additional markets: Urban Harvest Eastside on Saturdays from 8a-12p and East End Street Market on Sundays from 10a-2p!


Everything we create is 100% plant-based and handmade from scratch. We decided that we wouldnt run our business any other way. We will ALWAYS choose to use the best quality ingredients when available. For us, quality refers to all aspects of a product. We believe the “what” is just as equally important as the “Where”, “Who”, and “Why”. We choose USDA Organic certified produce for as much as our product as possible and Local/Fair-Trade when available (i.e. Texas Hill Country Olive Co, Gundermann Farms, Animal Farm, Finca Tres Robles, Plant-It-Forward Farms). We want to provide the best to our customers while also supporting the lives and businesses that help us do just that. We couldn't possible be more thankful for the local communities & environments involved in helping make GUUDBELLY possible.


Vic is the mastermind behind all of our food, drink and sauce recipes. Identical to what we eat in our home, we’ve also created GUUDBELLY products with authentic Mexican flavors. While you wont find anything remotely close to our products in Mexico, our stuffs are inspired by cuisine found in Northern Mexico, where Vic was born and raised. We use A LOT of onion, garlic, and various peppers in our recipes. We've also chosen to use the moisture & flavor-enhancing banana leaf, which is commonly found in more tropical areas like the south of Mexico and down into Central and South America. Seriously, its our most crucial ingredient 😋


GUUDBELLY is our positive contribution to the world. Along with accessibility, sustainability is at the top of our list of priorities. We choose to serve our plant-based products using 100% compostable/biodegradable materials such as sugar-cane food containers and plates,  bamboo and corn-based eating utensils, recycled paper napkins and bags, and corn-based plastics (instead than petroleum) for our portion cups and beverage containers. We REALLY DO CARE that styrofoam & petroleum-based plastics leach chemicals into our food and harm the planet by taking hundreds-of-thousands of years to break down entirely. We enjoy supporting companies like World-Centric, EcoChoice, Perfect Stix, Fabri-Kal Greenware, and Seventh Generation who create great products that help the world to be a better place for future generations.