To every small business Ive ever questioned for not keeping their blog updated regularly, I feel you. And will never doubt you ever again ☝🏽️


But alas, I am finally here to fill all of you in on what you've been missing:


WE. HAVE. BEEN. BUSY.  And by that, I dont mean to only point out our sales. We're officially 10 months deep into the glory we call GUUDBELLY. And that means seriously cracking down on our future plans and overall organization. 


Since our last blog post, we have: 

1. Officially returned our would-be stuffs truck 

2. Relocated to a new insanely incredible commerical kitchen in the Heights (we rent hours)

3. Picked up two independent events this month (elaboration below) 


 Thats right, peeps! As always, we'll post official details as they arrive. But for now the basics are that AT LEAST once a week we get inquiries and invites to vend/cater events in Houston - we momentarily consider, and then politely decline the best way we know how: with the truth. It would be maximum overload for the two of us to add the equivalent of a 4th market. 


But times are a' changing, peeps. We've said yes to not only 1, but 2 events this month. Both organizers have been so excited and persistant that we didnt quite know how to say no 😋  

On July 18th, GUUDBELLY be at RailYard Houston from 6:30p-11:30p doing the Vegan Drinks Houston event 😎

On July 25th, GUUDBELLY will be downtown from 6p-10p at St.Johns' BlockParty birthday bash for Rudy and Juanita Rasmus


We'll post the details for these bad boys in the near future! 😺


IN THE MEANTIME -- Our City Hall Farmers Market downtown ends on June 29th(last market) and wont return until the fall. AND that means we'll be back to deliveries during the week! More specifically Wednesdays and Thursdays 😋👍🏽 


Stay tuned 😬 

-L ✌🏽️