After almost two weeks of packing, moving,  unpacking & now torrential rain, tonight I got to check out our new Heights neighborhood 😍


Running and expanding your own business means there's always research to be done, info to document and paperwork to file. Naturally, a calm environment is greatly appreciated. Extra points if theres coffee and a porch involved. Ive found all 3 at my latest favorite spot on Heights Blvd:

Indoor panorama

Indoor panorama

I just realized I have no idea what the name of this place is. Silly me... "EQ Heights" 😋 Outside of coffee and some packaged nuts and oatmeal, I didnt see much in the way of vegan-friendly stuffs. AND thats okay too ☺️


As far as size, aesthetic appeal and vibe, this place is along the lines of what we want for GUUDBELLY in the future. Maybeeeeeee thats why I like it so much. 🤔




-L ✌🏽️