No matter how many articles you read or small-business peeps you talk to. No one EVER tells you what its really like to run your very own food business. No matter how many emails, texts, or coffee shop talk is exchanged, word-of-mouth does NOT suffice. We've been told "Its hard as balls to make sales, and even harder to find locations" or "some day this will all be worth it", "social media sucks and its incredibly hard to keep up with" or my most favorite, "You shouldn't work too hard or too much, take a few days off a week and make time for you"

We work incredibly hard non-stop with little rest because for us, nothing less is acceptable. And honestly, THIS IS THE BEST SHIT EVER.

WE HAVE AN UNEXPECTEDLY GREAT PRODUCT THAT BLOWS EVERYONES MIND. We're 6 months in, and to this day we don't have any problems with sales or marketing or getting our Guuds out into the world. That aside, running GUUDBELLY is very hard work & occupies between 70-95 hours of my week alone. & We do sleep very little, and it does get rough, but my days are jam-packed with ZERO dull moments. Once the sun comes up it back to work: checking inventory, replying to emails, texts and FB messages occupies a handful of time, but we get to connect with all of you that support us. There are non-stop opportunities to practice years worth of photography skills all day everyday. Running GUUDBELLY is an ever-demanding job. We value our company so highly that we have and always will push to provide the very best quality Guuds to all of you. In order to do that, we must constantly research and learn new information to help us grow and improve, such as educating ourselves on more eco-friendly packaging and marketing techniques. Price checking ingredients and driving all over Houston for supplies is a regular task that doesn't always go over smoothly, but every situation we encounter and person we meet leads to experiences we've NEVER EVER HAD BEFORE. That just goes to show how much the human experience is so awfully under-rated. We love every bit that we do. So much so that we forget to eat and go to sleep on time.

Everything has been worth it from Day 1.